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What makes a great leader?

We’re very proud that our leadership team here at Concorde has been with us for quite some time, showing that as a company, we aim to promote and develop from within.

Looking more into this, and more objectively at leadership qualities, what do we think are the most vital characteristics of a leader?

1. Leading from the front

In our company, each of our leaders is on the front line when it comes to leading by example. Where many others may tuck themselves in a cozy office as a measure of their hierarchy, we believe in active leaders who prove time and time again to their team members that they are at the top of their game.

Showing their team how they react in real time situations is a valuable learning experience.

2. Experience

Our leadership team has decades of experience. They not only know their particular industry like the back of their hands, but they have a meticulously created methodology when it comes to an efficient working life. Trial and error over a number of years will undoubtedly lead to a better way or working. There’s no replacement for wisdom, and having this in a management structure can be incredibly valuable when it comes to employing new staff.

3. Intuition

Knowing that something is the right thing to do, just because it feels that way, is almost unteachable. When there’s little rhyme, reason, or proof when it comes to choosing one thing over another, that’s when a leader’s gut feeling comes into play. We find that the leaders in our organisation tend to have a knack for getting things right, over and over again.

4. Consistency

Having discipline is crucial, but in many places, it wavers over time. You’ll find the most successful people and ultimately the leaders within organisations are like clockwork when it comes to the way they operate. It doesn’t have to be the most modern way of working, but a leader with a routine that is staggeringly consistent will ultimately prove reliable in many other aspects of work. When they put a time in the diary for something, they fully intend to commit to it, for them to miss it is almost unthinkable.

5. Character

A leader stands out, naturally. It’s a successful cocktail of work ethic and individualism. Leaders who show no uniqueness often don’t inspire, those with a something a little different tend to draw attention and admiration. We love the fact that our team is a mixed bag of successful people with widely different characters.

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